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Dear Readers and Friends of The Annual of Urdu Studies,

As you know, for a few years now the Annual has been trying to find a stable source of funding, but without success. Much time and energy has had to be diverted into this effort. Several organizations which had provided major subsidies in the past, such as the American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS), have had to deal with significant reductions in their own funding and this has resulted in first the reduction and now the complete withdrawal of their annual grants to the AUS.

Thanks in large part to the generosity and sacrifice of the friends and readers acknowledged elsewhere in this issue, the Annual continues to publish. However, the funding situation remains critical. This coming year we must raise significantly more than in the past in order to make up for the serious shortfalls of these last few years.

Please take a moment now to consider whether you too can help this journal—the only one of its kind in the West—to continue serving the scholarly world and the Urdu community.

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The AUS would like to thank Saeed Naqvi for his generous gift of time and effort and the following for their monetary contributions for this issue:

S. Kamal Abdali
Asrar Ahmed
Munira Ahmed (In Memory of Arif Rahim)
Vaqar M. Ahmed
Masood Akhtar
American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin
Nusrat Anwar
Ali Asani
Kamran Asdar Ali
Ian Bedford
Simon Frappier
Robert A. Hueckstedt
Itrat Husain
Bhupinder S. Juneja
Nazir U. Khaja
Khursheed Mallick
Muhammad Umar Memon
Anil Menon
Raza Mir
Shabbir Motorwala
Saeed Naqvi
Pooja Goswami Pavan
Steven M. Poulos
Daisy Rockwell
Abdul Wahab Khan Salim
Moazzam Siddiqi
Salman Siddiqui
University of Wisconsin-Middle East Studies Program

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Memorial page


Art for Art's Sake
Muhammad Hasan Askari / Tr. by M.U. Memon


Ghadr-e Dehli ke Afsane
Maritta Schleyer


The Librarian
Naiyer Masud / Tr. by Jane Shum & M.U. Memon

Dead End
Naiyer Masud / Tr. by Jane Shum & M.U. Memon

Saadat Hasan Manto / Tr. by M.U. Memon

Open It!
Saadat Hasan Manto / Tr. by M.U. Memon

Zakia Mashhadi / Tr. by Faruq Hassan

The Thirst of the Pipe
Siddiq Aalam / Tr. by Faruq Hassan

The Maulvi and the Christian Girl
Saeed A. Naqvi Syed / Tr. by the author

The Puppeteer
Saeed A. Naqvi Syed / Tr. by the author

Gains and Losses
Saeed A. Naqvi Syed / Tr. by the author

Mother—The Queen
Ikramullah / Tr. by Faruq Hassan

Out of Sight
Ikramullah / Tr. by Faruq Hassan & M.U. Memon



Five Poems from Splendor of Faded Colors
Asif Raza/ Tr. by the poet

Five Poems
Mukhtar Siddiqi / Tr. by Riyaz Latif

Eleven Poems
Riyaz Latif / Tr. by the poet

Mouse Pickle
Nazir Akbarabadi / Tr. by Musharraf Ali Farooqi; put into verse by Michelle Farooqi

Selected She'rs
Mirza Abdul Qadir Bedil/ Tr. by Musharraf Ali Farooqi



Asif Raza

Nasim Syed

Humaira Rahman

'Asr-e Hazir men Urdu ke Masa'il aur Un ke Hal ki Justju
Halil Toker

Ali Akbar Natiq

Chachi Jan ki Sivaiyan
Sushil Jha











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