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Dear Readers and Friends of The Annual of Urdu Studies (AUS),

As you know, the AUS is not a profit-making enterprise and it has managed to stay alive largely thanks to the hard work of its two-person, part-time staff and to the financial support of the Center for South Asia, the Graduate School, the College of Letters and Science of the University of Wisconsin, and, mainly, the American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS), which has heroically assumed the responsibility, for the past four years, to pay the half-time salary/benefits for the Assistant Editor without whose service the AUS would have folded a long time ago.

The AIPS now finds that it must curtail its support. It has generously agreed to support the Annual at its earlier rate of $4,000 per year, and for this coming year has found some additional funds such that it will be able to provide up to $10,000. Unfortunately, this amount is still too small to keep the AUS alive. Whether it will continue to publish depends on whether all of you in the Urdu community at large are willing to assume responsibility for the dissemination of knowledge regarding Urdu humanities. With the AIPS contribution, a sum of about $14,000 will be needed for the coming year to keep the AUS alive.

Please take a moment and think seriously about whether this journal, the only one of its kind in the West, merits being kept alive. If you think it has performed a valuable service to the scholarly world and the Urdu community, please send a contribution payable to: University of Wisconsin Foundation with "Annual of Urdu Studies/12546746" in the memo line.

Mail checks directly to:

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This issue of the AUS was made possible by the generous gift of time and the monetary contribution of a number of individuals. First and foremost, the editors wish to thank the following individuals who devoted a great deal of time and energy to publicize the grave situation of the Annual to those among their friends concerned with Urdu language and literature, either through personal contact or through their blogs and newspapers. One even interviewed the Editor on his live radio program.

Hassan Abbas
S. Kamal Abdali
Masood Akhtar
Najeeba Arif
Elena Bashir
Akhtar Mahmud Faruqi
Mujahid Ghazi
Itrat Husain
A. Jalalzai
Nazir Khaja
Usama Khalidi

Khursheed A. Mallick
Raza Mir
Adil Najmi
Tahira Naqvi
Christina Oesterheld
Tariq Rahman
Masood Raja
Riazuddin Riaz
Moazzam Siddiqi
Laurel Steele
Asghar Vassanwala

The AUS is also most grateful to the institutions and individuals who made generous monetary contributions. They are:

American Institute of Pakistan Studies
Global Medical Services
Hasan & Amina Mulla Living Trust
Nakadar Foundation
University of Pennsylvania

S. Kamal Abdali
Masood Akhtar
Sajida Alvi
Anwar Ameeri
Sarosh Anwar
Najeeba Arif
Tariq & Ghazala Asam
Tasadduq Attari
Baidar Bakht
Ian Bedford
Naeem & Nuzhat Chawala
Alain Desoulieres
Anees & Sofia Din
Rebekah L. Evans
Martin Frank
Ali Hashmi
Itrat Husain
Khalid Ikram
Kalim Irfani
Adeeb Khalid
Nayeema S. Khalidi
Usama Khalidi

Hasnain Khan
Rafique A. Khan
Rajeev K. Kinra
Teresa V. Liddell
Khursheed A. Mallick
M.U. Memon
Ali A. Minai
Hayder A. Mir
Saleem M. Mir
Shabbir Motorwala
Shahab & Faiza Mushtaq
Christina Oesterheld
F. Panezai
Geeta Patel
Huseni Poonawala
Naeem Qazi
Masood Raja
Syed & Zarina Rasheed
Azra Raza
Riazuddin Riaz
Guriqbal S. Sahota
Gani Shaikh
Moazzam Siddiqi
Syed M.Z.A. Siddiqi
Salman Siddiqui
Brian Q. Silver
Mariam Vania-Bulbulia

All the articles of the Internet edition of the Annual of Urdu Studies (AUS) are available in the PDF format. Individuals may view and download them for personal use with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Form or Mere Illusion?
Muhammad Hasan Askari /
Tr. by M.U. Memon

"Star" or "Sail"
Muhammad Hasan Askari / Tr. by M.U. Memon

"Confusion in the Universe": Conflict and Narrative in Qurratulain Hyder's River of Fire
Anna C. Oldfield

From Sepoy to Subadar / Khvab-o-Khayal and Douglas Craven Phillott
Alison Safadi

Notes on the Translation of Khvab-o-Khayal
Ian Bedford

Prologue (Dibacha and Ishq-o-Sifat-e Ishq)
Khvaja Saiyid Muhammad Asar / Tr. by Ian Bedford

Urdu and the Muslim Identity: Standardization of Urdu in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries
Tariq Rahman

Three Poems of Iqbal: A Psychological Interpretation
Ali Hashmi

Progressive Miscellany

Literature and Life
Akhtar Husain Raipuri / Tr. by Adeem Suhail

Marxism and Literary Planning
Muhammad Hasan Askari / Tr. by M.U. Memon

Communal Riots and Our Literature
Muhammad Hasan Askari / Tr. by M.U. Memon

Literature and Revolution
Muhammad Hasan Askari / Tr. by M.U. Memon

Saadat Hasan Manto / Tr. by M.U. Memon

The Future of Literature and Culture
Progressive Writers' Association / Tr. by M.U. Memon

My Life, My Art
Zaheer Kashmiri / Tr. by M.U. Memon

A Progressive
Saadat Hasan Manto / Tr. by M.U. Memon

The Call of the Flesh
Akhtar Husain Raipuri / Tr. by M.U. Memon

The Foot Trail
Aziz Ahmad / Tr. by M.U. Memon

Hindi and Urdu
Saadat Hasan Manto / Tr. by M.U. Memon

Naiyer Masud / Tr. by M.U. Memon

Destitutes Compound
Naiyer Masud / Tr. by M.U. Memon

Long Live the Ganges! (Har Har Gange)
Zakia Mashhadi / Tr. by M.U. Memon

Eerie Silence
Shafiqur Rahman / Tr. by M.U. Memon

Mohsin Khan / Tr. by Faruq Hassan

Dog-Catcher Mobile
Siddiq Alam / Tr. by Faruq Hassan

Asadullah Khan Ghalib / Tr. by M.A.R. Habib

A Moment
Kaifi Azmi / Tr. by M.A.R. Habib

Two Poems
Miraji / Tr. by M.A.R. Habib

My Journey
Ali Sardar Jafari / Tr. by M.A.R. Habib

Five Poems
Zeeshan Sahil / Tr. by Faisal Siddiqui, Christopher Kennedy & Mi Ditmar

Naiyer Masud

Panch Nazmen
Najeeba Arif

Daftar men Ek Din
Fahmida Riaz

Sar Saiyid ka Safarnama: Musafiran-e Landan
Masoodul Hasan






The Annual of Urdu Studies is supported in part by a grant from the American Institute of Pakistan Studies and by the generous donations of our readers and friends.

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