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The AIPS now finds that it must curtail its support. It has generously agreed to support the Annual at its earlier rate of $4000 per year, and for this coming year has found some additional funds such that it will be able to provide up to $10,000. Unfortunately, this amount is still too small to keep the AUS alive. We immediately need to raise $7000 to even publish the next issue, our 25th. What will happen next depends on whether all of you in the Urdu community at large are willing to assume responsibility for the dissemination of knowledge regarding Urdu humanities. With the AIPS contribution, a sum of about $14,000 for the Assistant Editor’s half-time salary/benefits will be needed for the coming year to keep the AUS alive.

Please take a moment and think seriously about whether this journal, the only one of its kind in the West, merits being kept alive. If you think it has performed a valuable service to the scholarly world and the Urdu community, please send a contribution payable to: University of Wisconsin Foundation with "Annual of Urdu Studies/12546746" in the memo line.

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Mir in "Fact" and Fiction
C.M. Naim

The "Fallen" Woman in Two Colonial Novels: Umra'o Jan Ada and Bazaar-e Husn / Sevasadan
Alison Safadi

A Study of the Microstructure of Monolingual Urdu Dictionaries
Ali Ahmad

Introduction to Tilism-e Hoshruba
Musharraf Ali Farooqi

The Poetics of Amir Hamza's World: Notes on the Ghalib Lakhnavi / Abdullah Bilgrami Version
Musharraf Ali Farooqi

Politics of Misrepresenting the Oppressed: A Critique of Abdus Samad's Urdu Novel Dhamak
Mohammad Sajjad

A Poem by Rashid: An Analysis
Muhammad Hasan Askari / Tr. by Riyaz Latif

Two Poems by Rashid: An Analytical Reading
Miraji / Tr. by Riyaz Latif

Nun Mim Rashid: Poetry of the Formative Period
Faiz Ahmed Faiz / Tr. by Riyaz Latif


Naiyer Masud / Tr. by Jane A. Shum & M.U. Memon

The Chief Accountant of the Pyramid
Naiyer Masud / Tr. by Jane A. Shum & M.U. Memon

Rocking Chair
Hasan Manzar / Tr. by M.U. Memon


Poems from Rococo and Other Worlds
Afzal Ahmed Syed / Tr. by Musharraf Ali Farooqi

Two Poems
Siddiqua Shabnam / Tr. by M.A.R. Habib

Rafiq Kathwari

Poems of Leave-Taking
Asad Muhammad Khan / Tr. by Musharraf Ali Farooqi


Tribute Page / Photo

Ralph Russell's Publications
Marion Molteno

Ralph Russell: The Theatre Street Years
Marion Molteno

What Ralph Russell Meant and Means to Me
Francis Robinson

Ralph Russell and Teaching Urdu to English-Speaking Adults in the Community
Alison Shaw

On Ralph Russell
Ibadat Barelvi / Tr. by Marion Molteno

Ralph Russell: Teacher of Urdu
Alison Safadi

Ralph Russell: As I Knew Him
Daniela Bredi

Ralph Russell
Kasim Dalvi

Ralf Rasal: Rasikh Kamyunist, Sanjida Muhaqqiq aur 'Ashiq-e Zindagi
Arjumand Ara

Rasal Sahib
Ahmad Bashir Ahmad

Jab Ralf Rasal Hamare Gano A'e
Jogindar Shamsher

Safia Siddiqi

Muhammad Umar Memon



The Persistence of Identity
G.S. Sahota

Enlightenment in the Colony Reviewed: Response
Aamir R. Mufti


Suhail Ahmad Khan (1948-2009)
A Tribute: Marking a Disappearance

M. Salim-ur-Rahman


Urdu ki Khuvatin Sha'irat
Qurratulain Hyder

Muntakhab Nazmen
Nazim Hikmet / Tr. by Faruq Hassan

Vida' ki Nazmen
Asad Muhammad Khan

Nazmen aur Ghazlen
Riyaz Latif

Zahira Husain






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