Volume 23

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Demystifying Naiyer Masud: Preliminary Notes
Sikandar Ahmad

Cages in Search of Birds: Preliminary Reflections on Naiyer Masud
B. Venkat Mani

Urdu in Hyderabad State
Tariq Rahman

Center/Margin Dialectics and the Poetic Form: The Ghazals of Agha Shahid Ali
Nishat Zaidi


The Aster
Naiyer Masud / Tr. by Jane A. Shum & M.U. Memon

The Sea
Abdullah Hussein / Tr. by M.U. Memon

Thoo Thoo
Qaiser Qasri / Tr. by Asif Farrukhi


Six Humorous Pieces:

Hostel Life
Mabel and Me
The Saint of Mureedpur
Early Yesterday Morning

Patras Bukhari / Tr. by Matt Reeck & Aftab Ahmad


Six Poems
Riyaz Latif / Tr. by Prashant Keshavmurthy

Faiz ke Naam
Hasan Altaf

Selections from Modern Urdu Poetry:
Munir Niazi, Parveen Shakir, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Habib Jalib, N.M. Rashed
/ Tr. by Bilal Tanweer


Tribute Page / Photo

For Qurratulain Hyder (Poem)
Zeeshan Sahil

“We Just Stayed on the Ship to Bombay …”
Tea and Consequences with Qurratulain Hyder

Laurel Steele

In Pursuit of Qurratulain Hyder—(Partly) a Detective Story   Christina Oesterheld

Endearing Iconoclast
Ritu Menon

Qurratulain Hyder: Literature’s First Lady
Khalid Hasan

Qurratulain Hyder (Aini Apa) 1926–2007
Azra Raza

Dislocations: A Look at Some of Qurratulain Hyder’s Novellas Muhammad Salim-ur-Rahman

Yesterday This Day’s Madness Did Prepare
Muhammad Salim-ur-Rahman

Lost/Found in Translation: Qurratulain Hyder as Self-Translator
M. Asaduddin



The Life and Work of Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Adeeb Khalid


Baub ka  Ca'ekhana
Asad Muhammad Khan

Istanbol (Turki) men Urdu
Halil Toker

Aj Phir Naya Sal Aya
Teri Hasti

Halil Toker

Akhri Faryad

Zeeshan Sahil: In Memoriam







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