Volume 21

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Editorial Note

The Craft of Naiyer Masud
John Kenneth Muse

Authorial Intention and the Question of Meaning in the Works of Naiyer Masud
Jane A. Shum

Urdu as an Islamic Language
Tariq Rahman

Strategy for the Survival of Urdu in India through School Education
Shamsur Rahman Faruqi


Naiyer Masud / Tr. by Jane Shum and M.U. Memon

Naiyer Masud / Tr. by Jane Shum and M.U. Memon

Naiyer Masud / Tr. by Jane Shum and M.U. Memon

The Beast
Syed Muhammad Ashraf  / Tr. by Musharraf Farooqi

Poor Dear Ta'ir-e Lahuti
Tasadduq Sohail  / Tr. by M.U. Memon

Hoshruba: The Land and the Tilism
Muhammad Husain Jah  / Tr. by Musharraf Farooqi

Give Me Your Sorrows
Rajinder Singh Bedi / Tr. by Holly Donahue Singh


Allah Hu! (God, Just He!)
Tr. by Syed Akbar Hyder

Five Poems
Zeeshan Sahil / / Tr. by Raza Ali Hasan and Christopher Kennedy

Jayant Parmar / Tr. by Riaz Latif

Kate P. Schmitt


Burjiaan aur Mor
Asad Muhammad Khan

Zeeshan Sahil

Bha'i ki Tasvir
Zeeshan Sahil

Madrase aur Muslim Tashakhkhus ki Tashkil (3.2 MB)
 (964 KB file; some loss of image quality in this smaller file)

Arjumand Ara






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