Volume 17 2002


Memorial Page

“The Ghat of the Only World”: Agha Shahid Ali in Brooklyn
Amitav Ghosh

In Memory of Agha Shahid Ali
Sara Suleri-Goodyear

Agha Shahid Ali, Teacher
Kamila Shamsie

A Gift of Ghazals
Louis Werner

Female Voices: Women Writers in Hyderabad at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century
Margrit Pernau

Islamic and Islamicizing Discourses: Ritual Performances,
Didactic Texts, and the Reformist Challenge in the South Asian Sufi Milieu

Kelley Pemberton

Government Policies and the Politics of the Teaching of Urdu in Pakistan
Tariq Rahman

Problems of Teaching Urdu in Germany: A Foreigner’s Reflections on the Status of Urdu
Christina Oesterheld

Living With Urdu, Living Without Urdu: An Attempt at a Personal Memoir
J.S. Gandhi

Situating the Universe of Discourse in a Global Context: Issues Relating to the Status and Development of the Urdu Language in and for School Education in India
Binod Khadria

Urdu in India
David Matthews

Strategies for the Survival of Formerly Dominant Languages
Theodore P. Wright, Jr.

Begam Anis Qidvai Tr. by Ralph Russell

The Tyabji Clan—Urdu as a Symbol of Group Identity
Maren Karlitzky

Six Poems by Mustafa Zaidi with an Elegy by Salam Machhli-shahri
Laurel Steele

Shahryar Tr. by Rakhshanda Jalil

A Selection from Landan ki Ek Raat
Sajjad Zahir Tr. by Ralph Russell

Ikramullah Tr. Faruq Hassan and Muhammad Umar Memon

Shaadam az Zindagi-e Kheesh
Ralph Russell

Prembada Devi
Hamida Akhtar Husain Raipuri









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