Volume 14 1999

M.U. Memon

Memorial Page

Conventions of Love, Love of Conventions: Urdu Love Poetry in the Eighteenth Century
Shamsur Rahman Faruqi

Remarks on Ara'ish-e Mahfil by Mir Sher Ali Afsos
Daniela Bredi

A Study of Kamal Ahmad Rizvi's Urdu TV Drama Alif Nun
Alain Desoulieres

Mir and His Patrons
C.M. Naim

Mir on His Patrons
C.M. Naim

Qissa-e Mehrafroz-o-Dilbar
Christina Oesterheld

Delhi College and Urdu
Gail Minault

Conversing to/with Shame: Translation and Gender in the Urdu Ghazal
Nuzhat Abbas

Language as Philosopher's Stone: The Poetry of Afzal Ahmed Syed
Musharraf Farooqi

Selections from Death Sentence in Two Languages [along with]
Selections from Rococo and Other Worlds
Afzal Ahmed Syed

A Summer Day
Ghulam Abbas Tr. by Robert Phillips

The Aficionado
Ghulam Abbas Tr. by Muhammad Umar Memon

Abdullah Hussein Tr. by Muhammad Umar Memon

Ashfaq Ahmad Tr. by Muhammad Umar Memon

The Old Mansion
IkramullahTr. by Muhammad Umar Memon

Experimental Novel and the Problems of Imagined History (A Review Article)
Thomas Palakeel

The Seventh Door (A Review Article)
Christina Oesterheld

Shadam az Zindagi-e Khish
Ralph Russell

Deevaron ke Beech
Nida Fazli

Azdahaa aur Paani
Moazzam Sheikh






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