Volume 11 1996

M.U. Memon

Urdu & I
Ralph Russell

Forcing Silence to Speak: Muhammadi Begum, Mira'tu 'l-'Arus, and the Urdu Novel
Aamer Hussein

The Dawn of Freedom
Faiz Ahmad Faiz Tr. by Agha Shahid Ali

Agha Shahid Ali

Rococo and Other Worlds
Afzal Ahmad Syed

Karachi and Other Poems: A Selection
Zeeshan Sahil Tr. by G.A. Chaussee

The Craft of Manto, Warts and All
Keki N. Daruwalla

Manto Flattened: An Assessment of Khalid Hasan's Translations
M. Assaduddin

The World of Sa'adat Hasan Manto
Shashi Joshi

Surfacing from Within: Fallen Women in Manto's Fiction
Sukrita Paul Kumar

Pundit Manto's First Letter to Pundit Nehru
Sa'adat Hasan Manto Tr. by M. Asaduddin

A Letter from Manto
Abdul Bismillah Tr. by M. Asaduddin

Dance of Grotesque Masks: A Critical Reading of Manto's "1919 ki Ek Baat"
Alok Bhalla

On Ralph Russell's Reading of the Classical Ghazal
Frances W. Pritchett

Some Notes on Hindi and Urdu
Ralph Russell

"Deconstructing" a "Deconstructionist" Urdu Story: "Ek Kahani, Gangaa Jamni" by Kaisar Tamkeen
Christina Oesterheld

A Brief Response to Christina Oesterheld
G.A. Chaussee

In the Heat of Fratricide: The Literature of India's Partition Burning Freshly
Jason Francisco

The Spotted Snake of the Past: Time and Memory in "The Refugees" and "The Back Room"
Robert Phillips

Exploitation and Conscience in Premchand [photo]
Jesse Astbury

Tage der Unzufriedenheit: Identitat und Gesellschaftsbild in den Romanen muslimischer Hindischriftsteller (1965-1990) [Days of Dissatisfaction: Identity and Society in the Novels of Muslim Hindi Writers (1965-1990)]
Ulrike Stark

Strangers, Friends
Safia Siddiqi Tr. by Ralph Russell

Khud-Navisht: Kashaakash-e Rozgaar and Misiz Jane Haqq ke Hind-Angrezi Naavil
Shanul Haq Haqqee

Zeeshan Sahil

Misr men Urdu Zabaan ki Ta'leem-o-Tadrees
Yousef Aamer

Jadeed Urdu aur Jadeed 'Arabi Sha'eri ka Taqaabuli Mutaali'a
Yousef Aamer





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